Interview + Verlosung: Brett

Erst vor Kurzem haben wir euch das Debütalbum der Band Brett vorgestellt, jetzt haben uns die Jungs aus Washington einige Fragen über ihre Musik beantwortet. Dazu hat uns „Cascine„, das Label der Band, einen Beutel mit dem Labelmotiv geschickt. Wie ihr den Beutel gewinnen könnt, erfahrt ihr weiter unten!


Hi guys, thanks so much for answering our questions! First off, how long have you been playing together as a band? How has it started?
We have all been playing with each other in various projects over the last three years and we all have great respect for each other as musicians. We decided to form the band around a group of songs we were writing together a few years ago. We have always enjoyed playing with each other and have great respect for our eclectic musical backgrounds.

Some people say your music is „dream pop“, others say it is „electronic (danceable) pop“. How would you describe your own music?
Our music is instinctual to us. Our roots are in pop music, but the direction a song goes is based solely on where the melodies of the track lead. We enjoy listening to dream pop and shoegaze and many other forms of pop music, but we set out to create a specific lyrical and production vibe for each song.

When we first listened to your songs, we thought about this project as an one- or two-man group. How do you write your songs and who is responsible for what part in your band?
One person usually begins a song and then shares it with the group and then everyone collaborates on the initial idea. Sometimes it could be a simple loop or melody idea that transforms into a more complex arrangement. While we recorded this record in several studios in Washington, DC and Los Angeles, we wanted the album to feel a little more intimate. So we opted for the coldness of drum samples rather than the warmth of a big drum/guitar sound. We want to bring the listener closer to us rather than create a bigger, more grand sound. We opted to use restraint for this album. Mick sings/plays synths. Kevin plays guitar/synths. Jon plays drums. Dave plays bass. Mike plays synths.

Both musically and lyrically, what would you say has had the biggest influence on your music?
Classic influences for us include New Order, The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, Joy Division, MBV. Those artists are ingrained in our musical DNA. Our productions are rooted in classic drum machines and synth choices: 808/909/DMX/Juno. Sometimes we arrange songs in a classic linear fashion that builds tension to a melodic/production climax, sometimes we prefer a more lyrical arrangement that allows the speaker more freedom in the song to express an emotion or tell a story. There is a fine line in the push and pull of the production and the lyric.

What are you listening to at the moment?
Mick: Motown, Bird/Dizzy, Red Garland’s bands.
Kevin: Hot Since 82, Hercules & Love Affair, MK, MOTM.
Mike: Speedy Ortiz, OVLOV, and Goldroom.
Dave: Motown and Coltrane.
Jon: Klymaxx, LeMeitra, Dillon Francis, Strung Out.

You recently released your selftitled debut album and many blogs around the world are writing about it. In addition, the track „Golden“ has nearly 100.000 plays on Soundcloud. How do you feel about this?
When you make an album, there is so much work that goes on behind the scenes to get the music to a place where it feels ‚pure‘ to the band and the project. We are really amazed at the response to the music as the project is relatively unknown to mostly everyone. We are grateful for Cascine’s help in giving our music a bigger audience. We are excited to tour and are currently writing new music.

Are there any plans of releasing a music-video for one of your songs?
We will be releasing a video for ‚Lovers‘ we really, really love by the extremely talented director Jenny Jokela. We are so honored she was inspired by our art. The video adds a great depth to the song. *

And lastly, do you plan to come on tour to germany? We would be glad!
We would be glad too! We are inspired to give new life to the songs in our live show. We’d love the opportunity to make new friends in Germany. We ask only one thing: please be nice to the US in the World Cup (doubtful).

*Anm. d. Red.: Das Video zu „Lovers“ ist heute erschienen:


Verlosung: Cascine Beutel

Wir haben von Cascine ein Exemplar dieses wunderschönen Beutels bekommen und ihr könnt ihn gewinnen! Dass das Labelmotiv, ein Diamant, den Wert des Beutels ins unermessliche steigert, dürfte ja wohl jedem klar sein ;)! Wenn ihr diesen Beutel gewinnen wollt müsst ihr einfach eine Mail mit dem Betreff Cascine Beutel“ an schicken, euren Namen und eure Adresse dürft ihr natürlich nicht vergessen! Einsendeschluss ist der 03.06.2014. Es gelten unsere Teilnahmebedingungen!



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