We Are The City im Interview

Die kanadische Band über ihr neues Album "Violent", den gleichnamigen Film und die Verbindung zum Berliner Label "Sinnbus Records"
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Seit ihrer gemeinsamen High School Zeit machen Cayne McKenzie, Andrew Huculiak und David Menzel als We Are The City Musik, die von verschiedensten Facetten und großartigen Soundlandschaften geprägt ist. Unermüdlich arbeiten die Musiker aus Vancouver an neuem Material, gehen auf Tour oder beweisen sich daneben auch als Produzenten des Films „Violent“. Am 20. März veröffentlichen We Are The City ihr Album „Violent“ und spielen ab dem 19. Februar einige Konzerte auf ihrer ausgedehnten Tour in Deutschland.

Hi guys, thanks so much for answering our questions!
You’re welcome!​

First off, how long have you been playing together as a band? How has it started?
David and Cayne met when they were 8 years old and ​started writing songs when they were 12. They met Andy at school when they were 15 and started „The City“ which was a sort of basic version of We Are The City. I guess, truly, We Are The City has been playing for nearly 10 years.

On March 20th you’ll release your Album „Violent“ in Germany via Berlin based Label „Sinnbus Records“. What can we expect from it and how do you came to Sinnbus?
We came to Sinnbus through the Reeperbahn festival in Hamburg. They have been very nice to us, to say the least. On March 20th, we hope you can expect your stereos to light up with sounds loud and quiet, distorted and orchestral. ​

When we first listened to your songs, we were impressed by your soundscape! How do you write your songs and who is responsible for what part in your band?
Thank you for that. The songs come about differently each time. Sometimes with an instrumental line, sometimes with lyrics or an idea of what a new soundscape may look like. ​

Both musically and lyrically, what would you say has had the biggest influence on your music?
I suppose the answer is life​ experience. It’s not an original answer by any means but it’s certainly true.

In 2014 the award winning movie „Violent“ was released as an companion to your album. How were you involved in the production process?
We wrote the movie along with two other friends and creative partners who have a film company called Amazing Factory. ​Andrew, who drums and writes for the band, directed the film and Cayne, who plays keyboards and sings, acted as assistant director. We also created the score.

In the next few weeks you’ll be touring through europe – including many gigs in germany. What are your expectations of this tour? Have you been to Germany before?
We have toured in Germany before, but never as extensively. We are expecting beautiful interactions, short drives (by Canadian standards) and great meals.

What are you listening to at the moment?
Some various records have been thrown around. Dirty Projectors, Beyonce, the new Thom Yorke record and actually Cayne just discovered a band that is not new called The Cocteau Twins. He loves them.



We Are The City live

19.02.2015 - DE - Hamburg - Molotow
20.02.2015 - DE - Berlin - Antje Øklesund
21.02.2015 - DE - Dresden - Beatpol
23.02.2015 - AT - Wien - Rhiz
24.02.2015 - CH - Düdingen - Bad Bonn
25.02.2015 - LU - Luxemburg - De Gudde Wellen
26.02.2015 - DE - Hannover - Feinkostlampe
27.02.2015 - DE - Dortmund - Sissikingkong
28.02.2015 - DE - Offenbach - Hafen 2
02.03.2015 - BE - Gent - Café Video
03.03.2015 - DE - Köln - Blue Shell
04.03.2015 - UK - London - St. Pancras Old Church
06.03.2015 - DE - Bonn - Township Weekender
07.03.2015 - DE - Reutlingen - franz.K

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